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Hey dear readers, 

my name is Ell. I have been living, working and enjoying my life in Australia since 2009. I have moved here all by myself and I need to tell you, it was not easy.

But I found my way around moving, finding a home, finding friends searching for jobs, earning money, getting my permanent residency and citizenship and finally settling down and enjoying life.  Oh, let me correct myself, going through all these steps and ups and downs were joyful. Moments of discovering the beauty of down under, moments of exploring the streets, alleys, markets, moments of struggle and loneliness, hope and aspiration.  I was a 28 years old girl who had a big dream, who was not satisfied with her ordinary life. There was no way for me to stay at my home-country, finding a job, getting married and have a family. NO…..It was not for me

My wish was to see the world, to travel around and meet new people. YES, very cliche’

Did I tell you I came from? I came from the Middle East. I came from Iran.  with minimum English knowledge, no other history of any international adventure, without knowing a single person in Australia. I still remember the day I had a call from my migration agent saying that your Work & Holiday visa is ready, I got frozen for a few moments, could not say anything, could not move. I was in a shopping mall and promise myself not to tell anyone until I think it over and over and decide whether it is logical to leave my parents, friends, job and jump into this unknown situation. I still remember the fear that took away the excitement. I worked so hard to get this visa and now I have cold feet. Took me 2 days to stand in front of my father and tell him that I am leaving in a few weeks. His first question was where you gonna stay and I had no idea.

Long story short, here I am 12 years later. I survived and so will you. After living in this beautiful land for almost 10 years, I have decided to share my experience with you. You are probably reading my blog as you preparing yourself for the journey or maybe you are already settled but looking for resources to find your way around life in Australia. I will tell you my story, from the first day I arrived at Kingsford Smith, Sydney International Airport. As I am not a native English speaker, I will write down in the simplest, most understandable way for someone who is learning the language. If you are moving from an English speaking country, please bear with me….I still have many valuable experiences to share with you, obviously not in a glamorous writing style, but I promise I give you the most detailed secrets that make your adventure more joyful. 


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